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Mountains & Faith

Monte Generoso is an accurate representation of the many mountains we face in life. While looking at the mountain from the valley it looks like a tough feat. This view provides the opportunity to stare in awe of the beauty of a masterpiece created by the God of divine grace and peace.

As I approached the mountain, I saw its beauty magnified and the details were more significant. The mountain is made of trees, rocks, and a variety of natural creations.

Getting up the mountain was an unforgettable experience. It required trust, faith, and endurance. Physically, I almost quit but spiritually, I never did.

I secured myself on my mode of transportation, a train (faith), to carry me to the top. The conductor of my transportation (God) knew how fast to maneuver the vehicle and the path I needed to take, so the only thing I could do was trust Him to carry me along the way.

As we rode to the top of the mountain, my eyes noticed the detail of the beauty of the mountains. There were trees, flowers, animals, bugs, and uneven pathways. It was harder to breathe as I climbed the mountain and the view of the bottom was almost nonexistent because of the clouds.

At one point, I sat for at least ten minutes on Monte Generoso and looked to the top, which was less than 200 feet away, paralyzed by fear. I was too scared to move because the trail was extremely close to the edge. The thought of coming back down was even scarier than taking one step forward.

As time continued to pass, a few of my friends approached me who were making their way to the top. I followed them knowing that someone else was on the journey that I was.

While following them, the once frightening trail became a nice pathway to a view I will never forget. My journey with them was a spiritual reminder to follow Jesus with others.


Fear stops us more than it should. The next time you feel scared, remind yourself that you’ve overcome every obstacle in your life so far and this one won’t be any different.

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