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Tranquility in Riva

There’s so much beauty in this small town. My eyes have experienced wonderful sights, things I never could’ve imagined and felt feelings I never would’ve felt. I encourage you to travel to other places, experience different cultures, and look for the unknown among what makes you very uncomfortable.

Experiences are made from unparalleled moments and unbelievable feelings. Traveling in Switzerland is the epitome of unforgettable moments, but the best part has been living in Riva San Vitale. My view from my home in Riva is mountainous and filled with natural greenery.

There aren’t any busy streets or loud noises except for the church bell that rings every half hour and sings every hour.

One of my favorite places in Riva is Lake Lugano which is a 10-minute walk from my home. The sound of the water moving and the birds chirping reminds me of the relaxing soundtrack of nature.

While traveling over the last week, I’ve had to look for the unknown among what makes me very uncomfortable. Most frequently that’s been searching for ways to gesture the meaning of phrases and words with locals who only speak Italian.

I only know six words in Italian and do not enjoy playing Gestures to communicate, but that has taught me several things in the process. The main one is that I need to continue to step outside of my comfort zone to challenge my beliefs, create new memories, and learn how to survive (and thrive) in a new world.

Discomfort will force you to create your own comfort zones and naturally seek out new ones.

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