Danielle Jeffers is a student, entrepreneur, and thought leader. Danielle, a native of Danville, VA, is known for her high-energy, passionate speaking style, and love for learning. She is completing her Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism at Virginia Tech with a minor in entrepreneurship. Danielle will graduate in May of 2019 and will continue to develop the company that has changed her life, Dough 4 Degrees, LLC.


On January 14, 2016, Danielle founded Dough 4 Degrees, LLC. Dough 4 Degrees is a scholarship coaching company that teaches students how to earn scholarships to graduate debt-free. To date, Dough 4 Degrees has helped more than 50 students and their families earn over $160,000 in scholarships. She established the company after earning over $100,000 in scholarships during her senior year of high school.


As a student entrepreneur, Danielle has built a company that has connected with students all around the world, earned investment funding from Marcus Lemonis (founder of Camping World and face of CNBC’s The Profit and The Partner), and created a solution to the student debt epidemic. As Danielle continues to grow and scale the company, she is pitching for funding to build The Dough 4 Degrees app, an information resource to earn scholarships.

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In addition to Dough 4 Degrees, Danielle is the founder of Danielle Jeffers Enterprises, LLC, and co-founder of Elite Entrepreneurs, Inc. Danielle Jeffers Enterprises is her personal brand where she will publish books, speak, and create content. Elite Entrepreneurs, Inc. is a training platform that teaches entrepreneurs from all backgrounds how to be elite to increase their bottom line and impact.


Danielle attributes all of her success and development to God, her family, and loving community. Connect with Danielle on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @djeffers_. Learn more about her at www.daniellejeffers.com and www.dough4degrees.com.

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