Monte Generoso

Switzerland is home to the beauty of the Swiss Alps -- a site that mesmerizes many and captures the attention of those in its presence. Living in the Steger Center in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland provides an unforgettable opportunity to stare out of any window and adore a picturesque background that almost seems unreal. The [...]

¿Habla usted Inglés?

Two weeks in Switzerland led to an immersive experience in Italian, French, and German. As a citizen of the United States, I am used to everyone around me speaking English, a language that I understand and can speak fluently. During this trip, I've been forced to explore the depths of Google Translate to communicate food [...]

Steger Center & More

There are many activities in Riva, but this image sideshow highlights my favorite eight as a student studying abroad. 1. Virginia Tech Steger Center: This massive home host Hokies who come during the year to study abroad. 2. Mountain Views: Admire the mountains and the architecture of Riva San Vitale, Switzerland from the garden of [...]

A Day with a Stranger

The beginning of my three day weekend, after four days of classes in Switzerland, marked a period of serenity and exploration. At the start of the weekend, my plans were not concrete, but I knew I wanted to use my Eurail pass to travel to either Bern, Como or Luzerne. After doing some research and [...]

Tranquility in Riva

There's so much beauty in this small town. My eyes have experienced wonderful sights, things I never could've imagined and felt feelings I never would've felt. I encourage you to travel to other places, experience different cultures, and look for the unknown among what makes you very uncomfortable. Experiences are made from unparalleled moments and [...]

Mountains & Faith

Monte Generoso is an accurate representation of the many mountains we face in life. While looking at the mountain from the valley it looks like a tough feat. This view provides the opportunity to stare in awe of the beauty of a masterpiece created by the God of divine grace and peace. As I approached [...]